Review: Hawkwing by L.A. Gregory

Hawkwing is an intriguing debut novel from an obviously talented writer. The book focuses on Kestrel, a young healer who has to use her skills to try to discover an evil menacing her land.

The cover image for Hawkwing: a young woman with brown skin wearing a light brown tunic, in front of a background of many hawks’ wings.

I liked Kestral, the main character, a great deal. She is a thoughtful, likable character. It’s nice to read a coming-of-age fantasy with such a mature protagonist. She’s not so much struggling to find herself as she is using what she already knows about herself to grow and thrive.

The world was very well-developed, though I wish Gregory had told us a little more about it. This is just personal preference–the mystery is obviously deliberate, I just (as a reader) tend to prefer more insight into the world-building. The magic system is very cool and unique, and I’m looking forward to hearing more about it in the sequels.

The climax didn’t quite land for me (it felt a little sudden), but that doesn’t detract from the fact that this is a truly fresh and original fantasy story.


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