Review: “NACL: Eye of the Storm” by Allegra Pescatore and E. Sands

Pescatore is fast becoming one of my favorite authors (thanks to her for generously sending over the book!) I haven’t read anything by Sands before, but I’ll be keeping an eager eye out for more of her work in the future!

This is a pretty brilliant sci-fi series, focused on a dystopian world (we really need another word for “dystopian but not even purporting to be good,” maybe just “a crappy world?”) where a corporation controls everyone through maintaining militaristic oversight of the entire world’s supply of salt.

Though at this point I think I’m familiar-ish with Pescatore’s style, having read close to 1500 words of her prose in the last few weeks, this was completely different. Admittedly, this is a new genre (sci fi rather than epic fantasy), but I also think it’s an impressive tribute to the strength of their collaboration that I couldn’t tell who had written what.

I loved the collision of sci-fi and magic in this original and fast-paced story. Despite being over 500 pages long, the writing is snappy and it moves quickly. This book is very much for adults, and some of the sexual scenes and language felt gratuitous to me (not offensive, just perhaps unnecessary). However, the writing is smooth and enjoyable throughout.

Most interesting, perhaps, is the worldbuilding, which is complex and feels as vast as its planetary-scale setting. For that alone, the book is well worth reading. Strongly recommend!


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