Review: “Whispers of Stone” by Allegra Pescatore

I just reviewed the first book in this series today. Normally, a direct sequel might not merit a standalone post, but I’m so obsessed with this series I felt like I had to! Also, there were more dragons in this one. Pet tiny dragons! Little fish-eating dragons! Ancient dragon gods! Dragons!

This book follows the princess Elenor as she simultaneously is appointed regent in the wake of her father’s murder and her mother’s disappearance–and also stands trial for the aforesaid murder. A pretty fascinating and high-stakes premise, which the book more than lives up to.

The use of details in this series is so beautifully done, especially when it comes to characterization.

I love the political worldbuilding, too! I’m such a sucker for well-written politics in fantasy–there’s way more than a good and a bad side here, but lots of interesting characters with their own motivations both within and beyond the conflicts central to the plot.

Elenor continues to be an incredibly compelling protagonist. I love her relationships with Gabe and others, and the depiction of chronic pain is so compelling and feels so true. If there is a weak point, I would say that her relationship with Claire feels underdeveloped. I don’t feel like I have a great sense of Claire as a character or why they matter to one another. However, I really appreciate LGBTQ+ representation, even when it’s not completely perfect!

The only bad thing about reading an ARC is that now I have to wait so long for the next one!


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